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Faces of ISE celebrates our outstanding alumni and showcases the infinite possibilities that our current students have available to them. We’re always looking for stellar alumni to feature as the next Faces of ISE! If you’re interested in nominating someone (including yourself), fill out the form below. Need to ask a few questions first? Contact the ISE Service Desk and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Joe is an assistant professor of industrial engineering at Oregon State University. He researches mixed-integer and multilevel optimization techniques to develop data-driven decision support tools for decision-makers in health care. Other interests of his include optimization in machine learning and game theory.

Joseph Agor | OR Ph.D., 2019

Adam Barlow in his apartment, arms crossed and smiling.

Adam Barlow | BSIE, 1996

Parth Chansoria working in a lab.

Parth Chansoria | ISE Ph.D. 2020

Lisa Cook sitting at a table in front of a HP laptop.

Lisa Cook | BSIE, 2013

Ben Craver standing with his arm propped up on a planes propeller.

Ben Craver | BSIE, 2018; MSOR, 2019

Ashley Eli with her arms crossed in an operating theater.

Ashley Eli | BSIE, 2016

Katy Ifkovits smiling as she sits in a wicker chair.

Katy (Smith) Ifkovits | ISE Ph.D., 2019

Photo of Lena Abu El Haija sitting on desk for Faces of ISE.

Lena Abu-El-Haija | ISE Ph.D., 2019

Ling Zhang standing in front of a wall of greenery flashing a wolfie.

Ling Zhang | ISE Ph.D., 2020

Melissa Pressley standing with her arms crossed.

Melissa Pressley | BSIE, 2016; MEM, 2021

Tanzid Hasnain standing infront of his companies logo.

Tanzid Hasnain | MIE, 2019; ISE Ph.D., 2022

Faces of ISE Alum Shakiba Enayati headshot

Shakiba Enayati | ISE Ph.D., 2017

Nisha Nataraj Sitting at her desk.

Nisha Nataraj | ISE Ph.D., 2017

Muge Capan writing on white board

Muge Capan | ISE Ph.D., 2014

Karl Schuchard standing infront of his lab equipment

Karl Schuchard | MIE, 2019; ISE Ph.D., 2021

Irem Sengul Orgut Standing with her arms crossed.

Irem Sengul Orgut | ISE Ph.D., 2015

Faces of ISE Saiesh Prabhu standing arms crossed in front of office.

Saiesh Prabhu | BSIE, 2022

Faces of ISE Sheri Erhart with the wolfpack signs

Sheri Erhart | BSIE, 1997

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