Welcome Mike Walsh

ISE welcomes its newest member, Michael Walsh

This fall, ISE launched its campaign to reconnect with its alumni by hiring Mike Walsh as the department’s Director of Development and Alumni Relations. “My plan is to help our alumni reconnect with the department so they can see the quality of our programs and how our department is one of the best in the world,” explained Walsh. “I will also work with the Advisory Board and Dr. Cohen to help increase support for the department from our 4,200+ graduates.”

Mike returns to NC State where he held several positions at the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (now, College of Sciences in 2012. He started his career in development five years ago at The Commonwealth Medical College in northeastern Pennsylvania. “Like my current role in the department, I helped alumni reconnect to the college and increased philanthropic support.”

Mike first learned about NC State from a close friend who was had been recently hired by the University. “He put the bug in my ear about the qualities of NC State as well as the quality of living in the Raleigh area,” said Walsh. “Needless to say, he was right.” Remembering how cold Pennsylvania winters can be, Mike and his family cannot think of any other place they would rather be. “It is an honor to be a part of the NC State family.”

Mike and his wife, Emily, have two children; a daughter, Melina, and a son, Alex. “We hope that both of them are future NC State engineers!” laughs Mike.

To discover all the ways that you can reconnect with ISE, contact Mike Walsh, ISE Alumni Relations Director.

Mike Walsh