Welcome Board Members

An essential part of our department’s success comes from our advisory board. We would like to welcome the two newest members of our advisory board, Cheryl Doninger and Stuart Nisbet. They are both NC State Engineering Alumni and both come to us from the SAS Corporation.

Cheryl Doninger

Cheryl Doninger joined SAS in 1986 and is currently Senior Director of Enterprise Computing Management in the SAS Research and Development division. As director of a large product-development group, she plays a key role in setting the company’s technical direction in providing scalable compute capabilities, including grid and cloud, as well as ensuring that SAS products meet the enterprise-class requirements of IT.

Under Cheryl’s leadership, SAS works with strategic partners to incorporate technological advances with SAS software to improve the performance and scalability of all SAS products and solutions. As a leading advocate for distributed technologies, Cheryl is a frequent speaker on grid and cloud computing, has served on several conference program committees, and has authored several technical papers on this technology area. She holds two patents related to grid computing.

Cheryl earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University and a master’s degree in Computer Studies from North Carolina State University.

Advisory Board Member Cheryl Doninger

Stuart Nisbet

Stuart Nisbet is a 30-year veteran at SAS and a leader in applications of SAS technology for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning. He currently directs a global team responsible for the strategic development and management of SAS Business Intelligence solutions and the SAS Visual Analytics suite of products, including mobile applications as well as statistical and business graphics.

In 1987, Stuart began his career with SAS as part of the Computer Graphics division. Working in this group led to his growing passion for data visualization. His career path built upon that passion, and Stuart’s depth of product knowledge, sharp focus on the customer and his ability to inspire his teams has led to the creation of the market’s leading business analytics platform.

Stuart is an internationally acclaimed speaker, discussing his avid research of new technologies and their impact on the world. Prior to joining SAS, Stuart worked the automated testing lab at IBM. Stuart received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from NC State University.

Advisory Board Member Stuart Nesbit