Mayorga Named Interim OR Director

Maria Mayorga, a rising star amongst the ISE faculty, is ready to take on a new challenge. A University Faculty Scholar and Professor of Personalized Medicine, Mayorga has now accepted the title of Interim Director of Operations Research.

Mayorga is well-prepared to take on this challenge. Mayorga is a long-time member of INFORMS, and much of her research is centered around Operations Research. Mayorga’s accolades also include a distinguished NSF CAREER Award for her work to incorporate patient choice into predictive models of health outcomes.

While the College of Engineering’s Dean’s Office takes this time to commend Mayorga for taking on this challenge, the Office would also like to extend its appreciation to her predecessor Michael Kay. Kay served as the Co-Director of OR since 2013 along with Negash Medhin, a professor in the Mathematics Department. In 2021, Kay switched to Interim Director as he became the director of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute.

The search for a full-time Director of OR will continue during the 2022-2023 academic year. The Dean’s Office wants to thank the OR Program Director Search Committee members, Professors Julie Swann, Alina Chertock, and Julie Ivy. The Office would also like to thank Len Stefanski and Sebastian Heese for their willingness to serve in this role and their dedication and commitment to the program.