Keepin’ it in the Family

The CA Anderson Awards have been a tradition within the ISE Department for the last 46 years. It is a time to celebrate the achievements of ISE’s students, faculty and staff. But this year, history was made for the second year in a row. Last year was the first time the department had a tie for its top prize, the CA Anderson Outstanding Faculty Award, between Paul Cohen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, and Nur Ozaltin, Teaching Assistant Professor. This year, the Ozaltin’s made it a family affair with the announcement that the winner was Osman Ozaltin, Nur’s husband.

The following is a list of all of the winners from the event.

ISE Awards

  • Katie Hodges – Faculty Scholar Award
  • Asya Atik and Meriem Laroussi – Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
  • Kendra Canegata, Ethan Houser, Kurtis Konrad and Margaret Tobey – Shook Mentor Award
  • Ruoting Li and Chengyu Zhou – Outstanding Doctoral Scholar of the Year
  • Shohanuzzaman Shohan – Distinguished Dissertation Award
  • Rohan Shirwaiker – Outstanding Research Award
  • Karen Chen – Outstanding Graduate Teaching/Mentoring Award
  • Julia Abate – Staff Award of Excellence
  • Osman Ozaltin – Faculty Scholar Award
  • Osman Ozaltin – CA Anderson Outstanding Faculty Award

MEM Awards

  • Rachel Boswell and Haley Ni – Outstanding Scholar Award
  • Mega Viswanathan – Best Presentation Award
  • Ardra Premkumar – Best Presentation (People’s Choice) Award
  • Malavika Reddy Kolagatia and Arushi Kulshreshth – MEM Fall 2022 Ambassadors
  • Sneha Karnik and Nilesh Pranay – MEM Spring 2023 Ambassadors

Along with the award winners, student organization officers, ISE ambassadors, undergrad researchers and healthcare System engineering certificate recipients were recognized.

Photo from the Event