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Dr. Swann Faces Chamoy Pickle Kit Challenge

As a Day of Giving Challenge, Dr. Swann accepted the Chamoy Pickle Kit Challenge on one condition: we beat last year's number of gifts.
Dr. Julie Swann taking on the Chamoy pickle kit challenge.

Dr. Julie Swann Accepts Day of Giving Challenge

With Day of Giving coming up on Wednesday, March 20th, Dr. Julie Swann has accepted the Chamoy Pickle Kit Challenge to encourage ISE participation.
Link Neal standing behind the podium with his arms spread out wide.

Math, Mischief and Medium-Sized Holes

YouTubers Rhett & Link do everything together. So it would be fitting to have them deliver their commencement speeches together. Right? Well actually, no.
Julie Swann and Link Neal high fiving during an interview in a sound studio

Math, Mischief and Medium-sized Holes

After delivering the commencement address, alum Link Neal sat down with ISE's Julie Swann to discuss Link's math and engineering skills and much more.