Javad Taheri

Associate Research Professor Emeritus

Up until his retirement in June 2021, Javad Taheri was teaching and doing research in the industrial engineering field at NC State for more than two decades. From 1996-2002, Taheri served as an Associate Adjunct Professor in the Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute, and from 2002 to 2009 he served as an Associate Adjunct Professor and from 2009 to present as Associate Research Professor in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Since 2009, Taheri has also served as Operations Research Analyst at the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center where he works closely with the clinical and administrative staff in applying systems engineering methodologies to health care performance improvement. He has successfully applied these skills in redesigning a number of units within the health system, including the chemotherapy unit, gastrointestinal endoscopy unit, and emergency room. Taheri also actively collaborates with the Duke Clinical Research Institute in designing innovative interventions for improving the quality and efficiency of gastrointestinal endoscopy Units. Prior to joining NC State, Taheri worked for Nortel from 1984-2002 where he was the Director of Operations Research from 1994 to 2002.


Research Interests

Taheri’s research interests Business process modeling and simulation, patient flow analysis, scheduling, and decision support tool development.



Ph.D.Doctor of PhilosophyNC State University1983
MSMSWestern Michigan University1977
BSBachelor of ScienceTehran University1974



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Javad Taheri