Curriculum | Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Curriculum | Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Last Updated: 10/26/2023 and all information on this page is accurate and up-to-date

ISE Undergrad Areas of Study ISE Approved Technical Electives

ISE PRO TIP: All ISE-approved technical electives are listed in the details of each technical elective in the BSIE curriculum below. Just click on TECHNICAL ELECTIVE or + Show More

Interactive BSIE Curriculum (PDF 2MB) Printable BSIE Curriculum (PDF 7MB)

The following is designed to help you, the industrial and systems engineering student, see your path through the eight semesters of your BSIE degree. ISE PRO TIP: This guide is a template and doesn’t have to be followed exactly. The BSIE is highly flexible, so you can move courses around to fit your schedule. Talk with your advisor regularly about your progress.

This guide will help you better understand not only what courses you will be taking but what those courses really involve and how they are connected to other courses. Each course has a + Show More link that will give you the following:

  • The course’s description
  • Its credit hours
  • Any corequisites you will need to take along with that course
  • Any prerequisites needed before you can take that course
  • Any courses in which that course is a prerequisite
  • We even sprinkled in some ISE PRO TIPS to help you better understand the program

Starting in your fifth semester, you will see orange-colored courses (labeled with a CP) called critical path courses. These courses represent specific major requirements that predict your success in the BSIE program. If you have any questions, please contact your faculty advisor.

Semester 1

Total Hours: 16

Semester 2

Total Hours: 16

Semester 3

Total Hours: 17

Semester 4

Total Hours: 16

Semester 5

Total Hours: 16

Semester 6

Total Hours: 15

Semester 7

Total Hours: 13

Semester 8

Total Hours: 18

Minimum Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 127