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Industry Partners

9 Ways to Partner with ISE

We work with a wide network of industry partners and our alumni for mutual benefit. We are always eager to explore new and creative ways to team up with you, our alumni and industry friends.

Alumni Engagement Program | NC State ISE

Corporate Partner Program

Corporations. Government. Associations. Other schools and universities. Our department collaborates with dozens of organizations to advance the field of industrial and systems engineering with funded research.

Some of the organizations are as close as NC State’s Centennial Campus. A research and advanced technology community where university, industry and government partners interact. Some are down the block, across town, and in other parts of the state, country or world.

Senior Design Program

Becoming a senior design sponsor is rewarding for both you and the student team. Sponsorship is an opportunity to work with students who can analyze your proposal and provide a valuable solution.

Throughout the semester students communicate with presentations, reports, and emails or conference calls. You will receive the final project report. You’re also a stakeholder who has input in the student team’s evaluation.

Our process to submit your proposed projects is straightforward and simple. Just complete our Senior Design Sponsor Form and a faculty member will be back in touch shortly.

To help you better understand, We have provided guidelines on what to expect from your student team. We have also listed what we want to see from you, our sponsor. So explore some of our past senior design projects and we look forward to working with you soon.