Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering (Ph.D.) | NC State ISE

Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering

The Ph.D. is pursued by outstanding students like you who have an intense interest in independent study and research. It consists of advanced coursework beyond the master’s degree:

Note: Students pursuing a Ph.D. are given first priority for assistantship awards.

Matriculation into the Ph.D. Program

If you are an MS student who wishes to continue on for your Ph.D., you should notify your MS advisory committee. You should also contact our Director of Graduate Programs requesting a review of your file for admission. Usually, this request should be made shortly after your oral examination for the MS degree. Letters from your MS advisory committee members are an essential part of the decision process. You should provide them at the time you request a departmental review.

Degree Progression to Ph.D.

If you’re a student with a non-thesis master’s, you may apply to be admitted directly into the doctoral program.

You may apply to the Direct Path from BS to Ph.D. This allows you to bypass the MS degree.

Exam Structure

Prequalifying Phase

Prior to passing the Qualifying Exam

  • Informally create your Ph.D. advisory committee
  • Draft your Plan of Graduate Work

Precandidacy Phase

After passing the Qualifying Exam and prior to passing the Preliminary Oral Exam

  • Formalize your Ph.D. advisory committee
  • File your Plan of Graduate Work with the Graduate School
  • Write your dissertation proposal

Candidacy Phase

After passing the Preliminary Oral Exam

  • Complete your dissertation
  • Submission paper(s) to a professional, refereed journal
  • Defend your dissertation
  • ETD Deadlines

Notification of Graduate School

  • Use the Request for Approval Form to get approval for your Preliminary and Final Oral Examinations from the Graduate School
  • Important! You and your committee chair must arrange your examination time to accommodate the Graduate School Representative before asking the Graduate School to schedule the examination
  • You should schedule your examination at a time when the Graduate School Representative and your regular committee members are available because Graduate School policy does not permit an examination to start with one or more committee members absent
  • Remember to reconfirm the schedule with all concerned faculty members the day before the exam
  • When you schedule your final oral examination, you must provide a half-page abstract of the research, in the approved format, to the Graduate Secretary

Got Questions? Please contact our Graduate Services Coordinator | | 919.515.6410.