ISE Maintains a Strong National Ranking

The Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) graduate program at NC State has once again proven its excellence, ranking 15th in the 2024 US News and World Report’s engineering program rankings. This strong position, held from last year, shows the great value of an ISE degree from NC State, highlighting the program’s commitment to top-notch education and research.

This year, the program also stood out among public universities, ranking 9th in the nation. This achievement shows the worth of an NC State ISE degree, highlighting the program’s big contributions to the field and its role in training future engineering leaders. The ISE program’s success comes from its hardworking faculty, advanced research, and a curriculum that meets industry needs.

Students in the ISE program benefit from a strong academic environment, modern facilities, and many hands-on learning and professional development opportunities. The program’s strong connections with industry make it even more attractive, giving students valuable networking and career opportunities.

As the ISE program continues to improve and build on its strengths, it remains a top choice in the engineering world. The consistently high ranking confirms the outstanding value of earning an ISE degree from NC State, making it a top pick for future industrial and systems engineers.

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