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A group of Ph.D. Students in graduation regalia throwing their caps into the air.

Current Ph.D. Students

Our Ph.D. students and our research are changing the world of advanced manufacturing, operations, and service sectors. We are pushing the boundaries of 3-D printing, regenerative medicine, and health systems engineering. Our graduate program produces students who excel in both industry and academia. They are innovators, educators, and even Nobel Peace Prize recipients.

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Student NameArea of ConcentrationExpected GraduationOn the Job Market
Amr Abu OrabiSystems Analytics and Optimization2027 | Spring
Ahmed, NafiAdvanced Manufacturing2025 | Spring
Alizadeh, NasrinSystems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Spring
Arabi, MadiSystems Analytics and Optimization2025 | Spring
Arefin, Md AshfaqurAdvanced Manufacturing2028 | Spring
Thomas BatchelderAdvanced Manufacturing2026 | Spring
Cabarcas Romero, MariaSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2026 | Spring
Chang, Chun-WeiAdvanced Manufacturing2027 | Spring
Chang, Tsung-YangSystems Analytics and Optimization2027 | Spring
Chen, Hou-AnTBDTBD
Naimur Rahman ChowdhurySystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
Health Systems Engineering
Essus, Yamil AndresSystems Analytics and Optimization2026 | Spring
Garg, VasukiSystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Gbadamosi-Adeniyi, Temilola Advanced Manufacturing2025
Ha, YunsooSystems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Spring
Houssan, Md. ImranAdvanced Manufacturing2027 | Fall
Jabbari Marand, BehnamSystems Analytics and Optimization2026 | Spring
Jain, PranavSystems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Spring
Jeon, YongseokSystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Jung, SeheeSystems Analytics and Optimization2025 | Spring
Kamal, TamannaHealth Systems Engineering
Supply Chain and Logistics
Khan, MahmudAdvanced Manufacturing2028 | Spring
Kim, JaehyukAdvanced Manufacturing
Systems Analytics and Optimization
Kim, Kyoung MinSystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Konala, SatyaAdvanced Manufacturing2024 | Spring
Koprov, Pavel
Advanced Manufacturing2024 | Spring
Leca, CarlosSupply Chain and Logistics2024 | Fall
Li, Yunqing "Connie"Advanced Manufacturing2024 | SpringYes
Li, KejunSystems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Fall
Lu, LuHuman-Systems Engineering2024 | Fall
Maftuhah, Diesta IvaTBD2026
Mira, MohammedHealth Systems EngineeringTBD
Mohammadi, MinaSystems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Spring
Nadim, Abdullah AlTBD2026 | Fall
Hiruni NiwunhellaSystems Analytics and Optimization2028 | Spring
Pawar, AdvayAdvanced Manufacturing2024 | Fall
Pham, Duc-HuySystems Analytics and Optimization2027 | Spring
Qing, LiweiHuman-Systems EngineeringTBD
Rodriguez Cartes, Sebastian Systems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Fall
Rus, Annisa MarlinHealth Systems EngineeringTBD
Sadeghi, Amir HosseinSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2026 | Spring
Sahebi Fakhrabad, AmirrezaSystems Analytics and Optimization2024 | Spring
Salami, MehrSadetSystems Analytics and Optimization2025 | SPring
Sanders, NathanHuman-Systems Engineering2024 | Spring
Sarangi, Bibhuti Advanced Manufacturing
Systems Analytics and Optimization
Ashley SeamonSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2027 | SpringYes
Sepulveda, IgnacioSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2025 | Spring
Sharmin, TavilaAdvanced Manufacturing2024 | Spring
Siddiquee, RashikSystems Analytics and Optimization
Supply Chain and Logistics
2026 | Spring
Sikder, IshtiTBDTBD
Song, SerenaSystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Stanfield, AshleySystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Su, BingyiHuman-Systems Engineering2026 | Spring
Wilson, JackSystems Analytics and Optimization
Advanced Manufacturing
2025 | SpringYes
Wu, LinfengHuman-Systems Engineering2024 | SpringYes
Xie, ZiyangHuman-Systems Engineering2024 | SpringYes
Xu, XinyuSystems Analytics and OptimizationTBD
Yalvac, EkinSupply Chain and Logistics2024 | Fall
Md Shovon ZahidAdvanced ManufacturingTBD
Zoha, Naurin Supply Chain and Logistics
Systems Analytics and Optimization
2025 | Fall