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Debbie Allgood-Staton and Dr. Richard Bernhard at Debbie's retirement party.

ISE Loses Some of its “Heart”

After 25 years, Debbie Allgood-Staton earned the luxury of leaving the rat race behind to spend her days spoiling her grandchildren and working in her garden.
Allgood-Staton Welcomes Past, Present, and Future

Allgood-Staton Welcomes Past, Present and Future

ISE’s own Debbie Allgood-Staton opens the 2014 Sisterhood Dinner – Champions of Change: Past, Present, Future Each year the Council on the Status for Women...
Debbie Allgood-Staton

Allgood-Staton Wins University Award for Excellence

Each year, the twelve departments in the College of Engineering nominate one of their employees for the Awards for Excellence program. After careful consideration, the...
Debbie Allgood-Staton - COE Award

Debbie Allgood-Staton Wins COE Award for Excellence

Congratulations to Debbie Allgood-Staton, ISE’s Business Officer, for winning an Award for Excellence presented by Dean Martin-Vega and Dr. John Gilligan on behalf of the...

Big Night at the C.A. Anderson Awards

For one special night, NC State’s University Club came alive as it played host to the 36th annual C. A. Anderson Award Ceremony. The award...