Accelerated Bachelor/Master Program (ABM) | NC State ISE

Accelerated Bachelor/Master Program

The ABM program allows you to get both a bachelor and masters degree at an accelerated pace. You can double count up to 12 credits. This allows you to get a non-thesis MIE degree within 12 months of getting your BSIE. Within 18 months, you can get the thesis-based MSIE degree.


  • You must have completed a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 96 credits hours in your undergraduate program. This includes credits earned from advanced placement
  • Transfer students must have completed a minimum of two semesters (24 hours) as a full-time student at NC State
  • You must have a minimum accumulated grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale at NC State
  • You must have satisfied all required prerequisite 400 level courses

Allowable Course Substitutions

Students admitted to the program may substitute, up to a four (4) course limit, graduate-level courses for 400-level undergraduate courses according to the following schedule:

Undergraduate CourseEquivalent Graduate Course
ISE 362 Stochastic Models in Industrial EngineeringISE 560 Stochastic Models in Industrial Engineering
ISE 408 Control of Production and Service SystemsISE 552 Design and Control of Production and Service Systems
ISE 417 Database Applications in Industrial and Systems EngineeringISE 519 Database Applications in Industrial and Systems Engineering
ISE 441 Introduction to SimulationISE 562 Simulation Modeling *
ISE 443 Quality Design and ControlISE 748 Quality Engineering
ISE 452 Advanced Human-machine Systems DesignISE 544 Occupational Biomechanics
ISE 453 Modeling and Analysis of Supply ChainsISE 553 Modeling and Analysis of Supply Chains

ISE PRO TIP: The BS portion of this program has already been approved by the University. In ALL cases, ABET and University requirements will be satisfied based upon the four-year curriculum.

* You must complete ISE 362 or ISE 560 or equivalent to enroll in the ISE 562 course.

How to Apply

  1. Apply to the ABM program as an undergraduate student before your senior year. Fill out an ABM Plan of Work (ABM PoW) and get it signed by the ISE Director of Undergraduate Programs and the ISE Director of Graduate Programs.
  2. If any courses on your ABM PoW change, you must update the PoW and have it signed again by the Undergraduate and Graduate Program Directors. ISE PRO TIP: Your PoW can only be updated during the registration period. Please think carefully about the courses you want to take and ensure they are available during the semester you wish to take them. Finally, remember that you are responsible for keeping the ABM PoW updated with the courses you are using toward your bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  3. Apply to the ISE Masters program through the NC State Graduate School:
  4. When you apply to the Graduate School, you must upload your ABM PoW in the “other documents” section of the application. This is how the Graduate School knows you are an ABM student and will have your courses count toward both degrees. If you do not upload your ABM PoW, you will not be admitted to the Graduate School as an ABM student. ISE PRO TIP: It is okay if the courses you listed as graduate courses on your ABM PoW change once you are a graduate student.

Got Questions or Need Assistance? Contact our Undergraduate Services Coordinator at or Graduate Services Coordinator at for answers and how to obtain the program directors’ signatures.