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Complete the Senior Design Sponsor Form

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Our Senior Design Sponsorship form is straightforward and simple. You can complete our Online Senior Design Sponsorship Form below or download a copy of our Senior Design Sponsorship Form, (PDF 70KB) whichever you prefer. If you download a copy, the instructions for returning it are right on the form. So let’s get started!

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  • Sponsorship of an ISE Senior Design Project involves providing a problem description, identifying an appropriate scope of work, mentoring a team during the semester including providing feedback on their performance as well as financial support to the department.

    Your team will generally consist of 3-5 students who are committed to 10-12 hours per week dedicated to your project over the course of the academic semester. The team is responsible for providing progress reports that detail their work on the project from inception to conclusion.

    Each sponsor is expected to provide a tax-deductible donation to the ISE Senior Design Program account which is managed by the NCSU College of Engineering Foundation. These funds cover costs incurred by the team for supplies, materials, use of NC State equipment and travel. Costs for local projects (Wake, Durham and Orange Counties) are $3,000. Projects outside of the area are $3,500. Some Non-Profit organizations and State Government entities are eligible for complementary project support. No goods, services, or deliverables (including intellectual property) have been offered, nor are they expected, in return for this contribution.

    Contributions can be made online at or coordinated with Dr. Reynolds.
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