IISE Votes for Pedro

Pedro Huebner becomes the first NC State student to Win IISE’s Gilbreth Scholarship

Each spring the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to the best and brightest industrial engineering students in the country. This year, ISE’s Pedro Huebner received the prestigious Gilbreth Memorial Fellowship. Huebner received word of his selection from IISE president Joseph Hartman. “IISE’s Scholarship Fund Trustees join me in extending to you our sincere congratulations for being selected from a list of outstanding nominees for this award,” explained Hartman.

Huebner, a Ph.D. student studying biomedical manufacturing, becomes the first NC State student to ever receive the award. He will receive $3,500, the largest amount ever given to a recipient of the award. “This award represents the valuable recognition of the work I’ve been doing during my academic graduate career, both in research and teaching,” said Huebner. “It is a much-welcomed reward that I’ll dedicate to cover my school fees during the next academic year, and, of course, buy a lot of coffee.”

At the C.A. Anderson Awards in April, Huebner received the ISE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, an award voted on by ISE undergrads. Along with being a TA, he manages ISE’s Biomanufacturing Lab under the guidance of Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker. “I want to thank my advisor, Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker, for encouraging me to apply, and my students, for their continued trust and hard work,” confided Huebner.

Huebner’s Research

Huebner will continue his research this fall in the area of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. He will study the design and fabrication of 3D-printed implants to repair tissues of the knee joint, including ways to mimic the structure of those tissues and drastically improve the way knee injuries are treated today.

His work takes advantage of many state-of-the-art research facilities at NC State, including the Additive Manufacturing Laboratory maintained by the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics (CAMAL), cell culturing laboratories at the BME Department, and clinical rooms at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

To learn more about Huebner’s research, go to: Huebner’s personal web page.